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Financial institution process review - Top 5 Bank in an East African country

Scope: A bank with a presence in at least 6 African countries was beginning to lose market share in most of their markets even though they competed well with regards to product offering. The bank had evolved from being a retail bank to a fully fledged bank offering corporate services as well.

Summary of findings:

  • Repetitive processes
  • Non value adding processes
  • Unclear procedures
  • Ambiguous policy instructions
  • An Ineffective approval structure
  • Staff incompetence - staff took longer at tasks than expected- lacked training
  • Staff de-motivation
  • "Sticky" mentality - we have always done things this way
  • Friction between the old and the new staff members resulting in camps- lack of team work


  • Process review to address the issues identified above
  • Staff re deployment which resulted in a bigger sales force than a bigger support unit as had been the case
  • Streamlined process which reduce the need of a big support function
  • Policy review for relevance
  • Proposed a reward structure that encouraged crosses functional interaction and team work
Cedar PTY
Cedar PTY
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