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Working Capital Management (covering Cash & Trade)

End to end solutions are required along the operating cycle so as to take into account the total impact of a business' inflows and outflows. Working capital management helps the business to stay fit and is therefore important for success.


  • To discuss the various working capital components and how they impact the business
  • To help anaylse working capital movements and be able to link them to the external environment
  • To assist participants to be able to anticipate and manage working capital swings so as to achieve stability


  • Working capital analysis
  • Cash conversion cycle; Process;
    • Payments , Collections & Liquidity management
    • Opportunities
    • Risks and mitigants
    • Cycle Management
  • Essential working capital management tools
    • Cash based
    • Credit based
  • Online Solutions
Cedar PTY
Cedar PTY
Cedar PTY

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