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Secretarial and Office management programme

Objectives are to;
  • Stretch the Secretary's scope beyond the basics, thereby adding value and improving organizational effectiveness, whilst at the same time stretching themselves for growth and eminence
  • Prepare secretaries and administrators to move to their next roles by giving them the big picture perspective
  • Help Secretaries and administrators make the best of their positions for growth within the organization
  • Help develop emotional intelligence and appreciate the confidentiality required of their jobs
  • Sharpen their key skills, and help them grow in ways that will support their managers and departments
  • Understand self and others as required by the job

Course outline

  • Knowing your boss and developing an excellent and enabling working relationship
  • Being proactive in anticipating your boss' needs and those of other units and stakeholders
  • How to excel under a Multi reporting structure
  • Stakeholder management
  • Self awareness for effectiveness
  • Qualities of a professional Secretary
  • Rising to the level required for the job
  • Communication Skills
    • Effective delegation and relaying information to Seniors
    • Communicating bad news
    • Assertiveness
    • Telephone and Email skills
  • Time management
    • Prioritization for effectiveness
    • Managing procrastination
  • Presentation skills
  • Decision making
  • Creative problem solving
  • Team work
  • Stress Management
  • Meetings and Events management
  • Grooming and deportment
    • Business and Social Etiquette, including Telephone and email etiquette
    • Cultural diversity
  • Organisational planning, organizing, controlling
  • Project Management, managing end to end projects focusing on;
    • Defining project scope
    • Project planning
    • Understanding project life cycle
    • Implementation
    • Monitoring and Evaluation
  • Customer Service
    • Brand enhancement
    • Principles of customer service
  • Understanding basic financial management
  • Report writing

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    Cedar PTY
    Cedar PTY

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