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Relationship management

Successful relationship management is not an alternative to having a competitive product or service, but it surely is a differentiator. In view of the cut throat competition that is a reality today, product and price do not offer a sustainable competitive advantage, but service and relationships will help create much stickier business.
The Power of relationships can not be underestimated when dealing with customers. Relationships open doors which can be useful to an organization, and good relationship management skills to make this a reality, can be developed through the right development interventions.

Our programme aims to achieve the following key objectives:-

  • Discuss what Relationship management really means
  • Help participants to understand how to build and maintain beneficial relationships
  • Embed key relationship management skills and practises
  • Discuss the role of Information technology in relationship management


  • Key responsibilities and accountabilities
  • Tools for Management
  • Essential skills
  • End to End process
  • Understanding customer behavior
  • Understanding self and playing to own strengths
  • Communication and Presentation Skills
  • Relationship Building
  • Time management for effectiveness
  • Team work for alignment with the rest of the units
Relationship management

Beyond emails and phone calls

Cedar PTY
Cedar PTY
Cedar PTY

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