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First impressions matter and frontline staff have the ability to build or destroy an organisation's reputation. In light of this, appropriate front desk resourcing is critical in enhancing the image of the company and reinforcing the brand and it is essential for organizations to equip receptionists with key skills.

Our programme covers all aspects from the job, the person as well as the relevant internal and external customer service essentials.

Programme objectives are to:-

  • Enhance the organisation's brand through effective front desk management
  • Stretch the Receptionist's scope beyond the basics, thereby adding value and improving organizational effectiveness
  • Develop capacity for efficient service delivery
  • The programme is designed to help participants to;
    • understand the importance of their role
    • understand the key skills and behaviours that are required on the job
    • develop their customer interaction and management skills both telephonically and face to face

Programme Outline:


  • Communication skills critical to the role
  • Examining the importance of body language
  • The Importance of First Impressions
  • Projecting a professional image.
  • How to remain calm and composed under pressure.
  • Effective use of email
  • Telephone Techniques
    • Dealing with incoming calls.
    • How to sound confident, interested and helpful.
    • Effective voice use
    • Outgoing calls.
    • How to deal with telephone calls and visitors simultaneously.

Customer service

  • Understanding Customer Care
  • The customer care attitude
  • Complaint Handling
  • Remaining polite and helpful.
  • Developing a Personal Commitment to Quality Service
  • Discretion and tactfulness.
  • Understanding customer needs and attitudes.
  • Dealing with awkward customers on the telephone and face-to-face
  • Managing diversity
  • Handling criticism

Relationship interaction skills

  • Multi unit interactions and stakeholder management
  • Emotional intelligence

Grooming and Etiquette

  • Dressing and Deportment
  • Business etiquette and habits
Cedar PTY
Cedar PTY
Cedar PTY

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