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Outdoor Team Building

Highly interactive activities that not only stretch the mental ability of participants, but also bring out their interpersonal skills like leadership, problem solving, among others.

Team building

In today's world, there are inter linkages and inter relationships which demand that staff work in teams or with other teams for them to execute their duties. It is therefore imperative for staff to have good team working abilities, be they within teams, cross functional or across geographies.

Lack of team work can bring an organization to its knees if not addressed as units will try the impossible of operating in silos.
Our programme helps participants to see the ultimate vision and work towards a common goal.
Key elements covered are:
  • The Shareholder perspective - left pocket right pocket
  • Communication:-
    • Sharing the vision
    • Establishing clear goals
  • Networking
  • Team dynamics
  • Managing conflict (prevention and resolution)
  • Maintaining a winning attitude
  • Receiving and giving feedback
  • Managing diverse teams
  • Identifying and playing to team strengths
  • Group motivation
“Coming together is the beginning, keeping together is progress, working together is success”. - Henry Ford
Cedar PTY
Cedar PTY
Cedar PTY

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