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The most dangerous leadership myths is that leaders are born, that there is a genetic factor to leadership, the opposite is true. Leaders are made rather than born. - Warren Bennis

Our Leadership programmes are geared to equip all leaders with the skills necessary for them to become leaders who people follow voluntarily, allowing them to unlock potential in their teams.

The programmes we offer are geared to equip all leaders with the skills necessary to succeed.


  • To discuss the various styles of leadership and their effectiveness under different circumstances
  • Assist participants to develop self awareness in order to play to own strengths and those of the team
  • Help Leaders focus on leadership and not management
  • Provide skills to understand and integrate various functions across the organization
  • To build strategic skills to enable decision making
Vicious cycle

Edge to Excel (E2E) programme

The programme supports managers who have recently transitioned into management roles, or are earmarked for transition. The learning will develop leadership capabilities and will focus on;
  • increased self awareness; Understanding self as a leader and impact on others
  • influencing others; influencing and improving team and key stakeholder relationships
  • understanding different behavioral styles
  • stakeholder management and engagement,
  • inspiring others and delivering results through others with the ongoing development of coaching skills in self and others.

The Moving Edge

  • Understanding the internal and external environment in which one works and developing strategic thinking that demonstrates a future focus and forward planning
  • Understanding self as a leader and developing/ adapting your own leadership approach
  • Identifying, influencing and improving key stakeholder relationships
  • Developing collaboration in the workplace to achieve results, by creating stronger, more effective working relationships with other teams
  • Developing own coaching skills and the coaching capabilities within the teams

The Executive Leadership Programme

  • Leading in a complex and ambiguous environment
  • Developing political astuteness
  • Managing adaptive change : Working on the 'right' challenges
  • Strategic thinking : Developing, creating ownership and executing strategy
  • Developing authentic leadership
  • Understand the key challenges in moving from leading team leaders and individual contributors to leading an integrated unit or function
  • Recognize personal biases in understanding organizational behavior and develop insight into individual skills and abilities
  • Develop capabilities to operate more effectively within a matrix environment
  • Understand company strategy and one's role as a Leader in developing and aligning the unit/ functions distinct capabilities to the overall strategy
Cedar PTY
Cedar PTY
Cedar PTY

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