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Finance for Non Financial Managers

Central to any business, is its ability to grow, and private business growth is assessed through financial performance. It is therefore imperative that all managers, even those in support functions, understand the basics of Finance. Business discussions are normally centred on business growth parameters and a lack of understanding of these basics can make managers fail. They will also fail to add value during business discussions.

Similarly, Business owners, no matter how small their business is or how skilled the Finance person hired for the job is, need to have a good appreciation of finance.

This programme is designed to give non financial people the critical finance knowledge that will help them to succeed in their non finance roles or in their businesses. It will equip participants with analytical skills required for the integration of investment, operating and financing decisions within an organization.

The main objectives are to help participants to:-

  • Understand finance basics
  • Be able to interpret financial statements
  • Interpret the key financial performance indicators using ratio analysis
  • Link financial to other key non financial performance indicators
  • Analyse cost drivers and manage costs effectively
  • Understand and explain business trends
  • Interpret economic and other external events and their impact of business performance
  • Interpretation and use of graphs and other tools for analysis


  • Understanding the Finance language
  • Understanding Financial statements
    • Profit & loss / income statements
    • Balance sheet
    • Cashflow statements
  • Making Financial decisions
    • Principles of sound business decisions
    • Using Performance measures; ROE,EVA
    • Ratio analysis
    Credit decisions
    • Understand Credit management principles
    • An appreciation of working capital management
  • Creating value
    • Debt versus equity
    • The cost of capital
  • Evaluating investments
    • Discounted Cashflow
    • Capital costs
  • Financial Planning
    • Preparation of budgets
    • Aligning budgets with business plans
    • Budgeting techniques ; their strengths and weaknesses
    • Cashflow projections,
    • Cost benefit analysis,
    • Variance analysis and management
  • Financial Risk analysis and mitigation
  • Monitoring
    • Revenue management and plugging revenue leakages
    • Tracking business expenses

Cedar PTY

Cedar PTY
Cedar PTY
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