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Executive Development

Coaching for success:-
The objective is to support executives by equipping them with the necessary skills for success

The Executive

  • Beyond borders:- the programme will enlarge the Executive's world so that even if they are working in a small organization based in a small country, they would be able to practice and experience their role as if they were in a large organization operating across various countries. The programme will offer an opportunity to interact with peers in similar and bigger organizations across various geographies and to work on real scenarios as well as simulations.
  • The public arena - the Executive lives in the spotlight so their conduct even at social events has to enhance their image and the brand they represent. This programme takes an all inclusive approach to the executive's needs.
  • Media management - it is a fact that the media can build or destroy an executive.The programme provides the necessary support for media management.

  • Vicious cycle
Cedar PTY
Cedar PTY
Cedar PTY

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