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Change Management

Many new systems and strategies fail before they have even been launched, due to poor change management procedures. Visions have lost steam in some organizations due to lack of ownership by staff. We all know that no ownership = no results and this is more evident when there is change involved since naturally most people do not embrace change easily. Even big organizations, that have years of experience, still fail at managing change effectively. Resources, including time, are wasted and the biggest challenge is that competitors will pick up the idea, implement it better and increase market share at the peril of the organization that would have tried first.


  • Create ownership at all levels within the organization before, during and after implementation of the change
  • Help manage expectations
  • Ensure that there is no unhealthy anxiety within the organization
  • Foster, cross functional team work for best results

SessionKey areas covered
  Preparing for Change
  Definition - What change means to different people at different times (Before,during and after the change).
 - What it means in reality (what it should be)

Acceptance vs. Resistance

 - Symptoms of resistance
 - Why people resist
 - Identifying potential challenges
 - Behavioral issues
 - Dealing with resistance

Creating the vision

 - Seeing things from the same angle
 - The vicious cycle
  Managing Change

The Change Management Process;

 - Applying Kotter's steps to Change management
 - Change Management principles
 - Transitional leadership

Team dynamics

 - Establishing Roles and responsibilities for managing change
 - Change champions
 - Creating and maintaining a change friendly atmosphere

Reinforcing the change

 - Feedback loop
 - Surveys or no surveys
 - Homeostasis and the Hawthorne effect

Change and the global environment

 - Best practice
Cedar PTY
Cedar PTY
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