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Cash Management

Companies that have not given cash management the importance it deserves are most probably undermining their business's short-term stability and their long-term survival. The importance of Cash within a business goes without saying. Cash is central to the business activities and if managed well, it helps companies to stay healthy and strong, but if not, could lead to organizational "cardiac arrest".

Cash Management Solutions;-


  • To highlight the critical cash management elements throughout the operating cycle and throughout the organization, for organizational effectiveness and sustainability
  • To identify possible pain points and articulate solutions and benefits
  • To help develop effective Cash management solutions


  • Role of Banks in provision of effective Cash Management solutions
  • Working capital needs analysis:- which Cash managements solutions are relevant and effective at each point in the working capital cycle
  • Payment solutions:- The customer challenges and how these can be resolved
  • Efficient payment solutions
  • Revenue Collection Solutions;- How to speed up collections so as to shorten the working capital cycle
  • Liquidity management solutions;
  • Online banking solutions, implementation and challenges
  • End to End Cash Management Solutions Sales process
Cedar PTY
Cedar PTY
Cedar PTY

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