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Agriculture Finance

Agriculture plays a key role in most African markets, although financing in this area is not proportionate to the sector's contribution to the respective economies. Commercial agriculture finance has been growing over the years, and though still low, financiers have been gaining experience and understanding of the sector. In most African markets though, Agriculture Finance is not given the attention that it deserves in totality due to the subsistence nature of some of the players in the sector. Most financiers do not have the capacity to manage the informal agricultural sector which mainly relies on natural farming methods with very little if any mechanization. Loan products available are not in their original form suitable for subsistence players in the sector. Our programme addresses both commercial and the informal agricultural sector finance.


  • Discuss the challenges and realities of agriculture finance
  • De mystify informal agriculture sector finance
  • Understanding the different agricultural cycles
  • Provide product knowledge on Agriculture Finance
  • Discuss different structures that can be adopted in line with target market
  • Discuss risk mitigation through appropriate facility structuring


  • Agriculture Finance Framework
  • Funding programmes including
    • Contract farming
    • Project approach to agricultural lending
  • Agricultural Loan products
  • Specific advances:- crop loans, advances against minerals, produce loans, marketing loans
  • Direct and Indirect lending
  • Structured warehouse finance
  • End to end Structured agriculture finance
  • Agricultural cycles
  • Credit process;
    • Loan Appraisal
    • Financial analysis - cash flow based assessment
    • Risk assessment
    • Loan monitoring and documentation
    • Monitoring and supervision
    • Security and documentation
  • Value chain development and finance concepts
    • Building cohesive value chains
    • Internal and external approaches to value chain finance
    • Assessing value chains
    • Identifying opportunities and managing value chain risks
    • Understanding market needs
    • Designing appropriate financial products
Cedar PTY
Cedar PTY
Cedar PTY

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